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Company phone:0595-87028812

Sales phone:0595-87028856
Company Fax:0595-27720111
Sales Fax:0595-27723222


Zip code:362800
Address:Quanzhou City, Fujian Province Quangang District Nanshan Petrochemical Park District B on the 1st

Minnan District sales:0595-87028859
Minbei District sales:0595-87028862

Special polyether:0595-87028860

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About Zhongshan


Fujian Zhongshan Chemical Co., Ltd. is invested and built by Jiangsu Jinpu Investment Holding Group. The company is located in Quanzhou Quangang District Petrochemical Industrial Park. It covers an area of 142 mu with registered capital of 220 million yuan and more than 160 employees.
Fujian Zhonghua a project in November 2014 officially started construction, in August 2016 completed and put into production.